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A New Kind of Movement

We are a San Francisco based company looking to help make the world a better place. Cannabis has helped many medical patients with severe, debilitating conditions. Through our experience working with high level athletes, we understand how to utilize this plant to help with focus, performance, and recovery through our Cannabis Performance Assessment and Cannabis Performance Facilitation. We just completed our first event (see BLOG section) and if you are interested to be on the mailing list for the next event, send an email to [email protected]

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Train Like a Champion

Jake Shields (Former UFC title challenger and Strikeforce Champion) and Denny Prokopos (Eddie Bravo Invitational Champion) will show you how to enhance your workouts and recovery with natural movements, breathing exercises, and cannabis. Denny will be fighting for his fourth world championship the following week of the seminar so you will see an athlete utilizing these techniques in peak form.

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Cannathlete™ Train like a Champion™ - The Historic Inaugural Event

By: Solomon C Rand There was a nervous energy at Dark Horse Gym Saturday morning. People held together in small groups, not knowing what to expect....

Change Your Perspective, Change Your Results with Cannathlete

Get ready for a new type of exercise program.  For a very long time, people have looked at cannabis users as lazy and unmotivated.  Fortunately,...